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2 min readNov 5, 2023


By Wassaf Akhtar | 11/5/2023

This article gives a brief outline of a pod installed into a ground-based 2MW Vertiport capable of charging 3 eVTOL aircraft having power ratings of 400kW-600kW each. A pod is defined as 3 charging stations with respective concrete pads, Charging stations, Switchboards, and underground feeders.

A new medium-voltage feeder will be brought to the site by the utility company (Eg. in Dubai would be DEWA or Dubai Municipality). The new feeder will be terminated at a transformer provided by the contractor. New ground infrastructure will be installed including concrete pads, charging stations, switchboards, underground feeders to each charging station, a waiting area building, fencing, and lighting.

A Typical Modular Vertiport

Charging systems up to 600kW usually utilize a common liquid-cooled CCS Type 1 connector commonly utilized in the industry for high-power DC charging. Systems above 600kW typically utilize a connection method from either the SAE J3105 standard or another listed proprietary connector. The chargers selected have a Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) of 50kA higher to be suitable for use in the pods. Use of a modular approach of (1) pod with (3) 600kW eVTOL vehicle chargers.

General Pod Description:

Below is a list and set of conditional statements to determine the required electrical infrastructure equipment for a site, based on 1 pod to be installed. (1) pod is defined to be as follows:

(1) 2MVA transformer: Utility companies typically size and provide the transformer. They then trench the new conduit from the transformer(s) to the 2500A switchboard. Service conductors and conduits are usually specified by the Utility. The client (FBO operator) is responsible for conduit installation, and conductors are owned and installed by the utility. e.g. DEWA. Set new outdoor 2500 A, 480/277V 3P 4W NEMA 3R switchboard, which contains:

  • 2500A specific utility-compliant metering equipment. (1) 100 percent rated 2500A 3P main breaker with ground fault and maintenance switch. (3) 100 percent rated 800A 3P branch breakers. (1) 80 percent rated 125A 3P branch breaker, feeding internal transformer. (1) 75kVA 480–120/208V 3P step down transformer. (1) 225A 120/208V panelboard section. Set the new 600kW chargers into place. Power from 2500A switchboard is sent to each 600kW charger.

With this initial understanding of key infrastructure requirements, logical next steps could include deeper industry collaboration across government agencies, emergency response officials, logistics, and passenger transportation network providers, with input from vehicle OEMs, charging hardware, and land owners to refine assumptions and operational conditions.